ULTRA Scientific

Company Overview

ULTRA Scientific Company Overview

ULTRA Scientific was founded in 1976 by William Russo, a PhD chemist. In the years since, ULTRA has provided analytical standards to companies throughout the world, growing and expanding our capabilities, facilities, and personnel. When the EPA initiated the Clean Water Act, ULTRA Scientific was the first to provide precise testing standards, ensuring that the required compliance testing was possible. As the years passed, new regulations required even more sophisticated standards. Today's increasingly complex and sensitive instrumentation demands purer and more precise calibration standards. ULTRA meets these challenges everyday, gaining the confidence of leading labs and instrument manufacturers worldwide.

ULTRA has also led the way in many other areas. For example, ULTRA was the first company in its industry to become ISO 9001 certified, meaning procedures are documented, reviewed and followed at all times. ULTRA's laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, indicating that in addition to being thorough, our products are certified to be completely reliable and effective. ULTRA is also one of very few in the industry that meets the criteria of the extremely rigorous DOE audit.

ULTRA uses state of the art instrumentation so that we may be more stringent in our testing than our customers need to be in theirs. Most importantly, ULTRA strives to ensure that we will be able to meet our customers' every need. ULTRA has it all for you: easy ordering on the web, rapid shipping with virtually no backorders, the most experienced and competitive custom solutions manufacturing capabilities, and one of the most complete lines of standards. We take great pride in putting years of combined experience to work, and in our attention to the smallest details. We work closely with our client to help them solve whatever challenges they face. Let ULTRA help you become as productive as possible.
ULTRA Scientific is a leading supplier of analytical standards in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Rim, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. ULTRA manufactures nearly 6000 organic and inorganic products at ULTRA's laboratory in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA.

From 1 mL ampules to 20 liters, ULTRA can prepare virtually any custom solution to meet your size requirements. Your label or ours. ULTRA is ready to meet all your needs.
ULTRA Scientific meets your needs