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Monday, December 10, 2007

ULTRA is pleased to announce that the standard size for all of our inorganic products (catalog items) has increased from 100 mL to 125 mL.

⇒  All inorganic catalog items that were listed at 100 mL are now listed at 125 mL.

⇒  There is no increase in price for the 125 mL size.

⇒  Get an extra 25 mL free!

⇒  There is no change in catalog numbers.

⇒  The change to 125 mL unit size is effective immediately and is effective on all orders received after December 3, 2007.

⇒  The new 125 mL size is now standard for ULTRA's entire Inorganic Product Line:

All standards are manufactured under ULTRA's ISO 9001 registered quality system, and verified in ULTRA's ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.